Welcome to The Pathway Community Group

A group for Pathway Members to connect, find clarity, share, and support each other.

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What is The Pathway Community Group?

An intentional and organized space for like minded manifesters to connect about all things TBM manifestation, find Expanders, discuss tests, pings, the magic dark, up-leveling, and more. This group is for Pathway members only.

What are The Rules?

Absolutely no self promotion, soliciting, spam, irrelevant links, hate speech, bullying, or technical support questions. Please be kind and courteous, and respect the privacy of other members. We have a 3 strikes rule for self promoting + soliciting, as we want this to be a safe space for members to share and connect. You'll find more info in our "Start Here" article. 

Where To Start?

Once you sign in, be sure to check out our Start Here article before delving in. You'll want to review how to manage your notifications, understand how the group works, and check out the group rules!

Happy Manifesting!

We know how important community is in doing this work. Our hope is that you enjoy visiting this space regularly, and find it to be a helpful and supportive place to connect with other Pathway members!

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